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Marisa Dimitrov is desperate to leave her impoverished home country of Bulgaria. When she receives a job offer from Canada, it appears her opportunity has arrived. She is soon shocked to discover, however, that she has been sold to a ruthless gang involved with human and drug trafficking. By miraculous chance, the enslaved Marisa is able to get word of her plight home to her father.

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Great Britain is on the verge of social collapse. After eight years of disastrous rule under the Labour Government, the country is ready for change. The far right administration of Lawrence Pelham is swept to power on a tide of hope and expectation that his Party can rejuvenate Britain.

Disgraced former political correspondent, Harry Clarke has witnessed the collapse of democracy in Britain. Prime Minister Lance Pelham controls a despotic right wing regime intent on eliminating all immigrants in the country.

Harry Clarke is the iconic symbol of resistance against the brutal regime of extreme right-wing Prime Minister Lawrence Pelham. Imprisoned and put on trial for his life by a military court, Harry fears that he will not live to see his son again.

The Author

Paul Dubal is originally from the UK and settled in Ontario in 2008. He is the author of several critically acclaimed novels including the Dictator of Britain trilogy, a shocking commentary on a dystopian near future Britain. His work on human behaviour provides great insight into developing colourful and memorable characters.


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