Marisa Dimitrov is desperate to leave her impoverished home country of Bulgaria. When she receives a job offer from Canada, it appears her opportunity has arrived. She is soon shocked to discover, however, that she has been sold to a ruthless gang involved with human and drug trafficking. By miraculous chance, the enslaved Marisa is able to get word of her plight home to her father. Her father trades everything he has to reach Canada, where he employs the assistance of washed-up former Toronto drug squad officer, Dan Huberman. Together, they are able to discover Marisa’s location, but finding the young woman is only the beginning of their troubles. The gang takes swift and brutal retribution, sending Dan and Marisa on the run for their lives.

Their only hope is in gathering evidence to implicate the gang leader, a merciless Chechen warlord, and by doing so diminish the gang’s far- reaching power. Dan soon realizes this case isn’t just about Marisa; it’s also about the ghost of his daughter, who died because of his mistakes. By saving Marisa, he may find peace … but staying alive can be difficult when you don’t know who to trust, and the line between loyalty and betrayal is so blurred.

The Dictator of Britain Book One: The Rise to Power

Great Britain is on the verge of social collapse. After eight years of disastrous rule under the Labour Government, the country is ready for change. The far right administration of Lawrence Pelham is swept to power on a tide of hope and expectation that his Party can rejuvenate Britain. But Pelham’s remedies are radical and things are about to get worse. Much worse. When disgraced former political correspondent Harry Clarke acquires a disc containing the Government’s five year plan, he realizes that the content is so explosive the Government will stop at nothing to prevent the revelations of what his old adversary Pelham really intends for the nation. Framed for the high profile murder of a former Cabinet Minister, and his family sent to a deportation camp, he is ruthlessly hunted and then abducted into a combative resistance cell led by Julianne, his former lover. He finds himself part of an audacious plot to overthrow the dictatorial regime, but Pelham is willing to go to any lengths to consolidate his power. In this intriguing thriller set in a dystopian U.K. of the near future, the author creates an atmospheric and plausible portrayal of a nation on the brink. This compelling novel considers how circumstances can align to create conditions that give rise to a right wing dictatorship headed by a charismatic, powerful and genocidal leader prepared to sacrifice millions of innocent people to suit his own twisted vision for the nation.

The Dictator of Britain: Book Two: The Dirty War

Disgraced former political correspondent, Harry Clarke has witnessed the collapse of democracy in Britain. Prime Minister Lance Pelham controls a despotic right wing regime intent on eliminating all immigrants in the country. Deportation camps have been set up nationwide and conditions are appalling, made worse by a virulent and deadly disease sweeping through the camps. Following a disastrous attempt to rescue his family from one camp, Harry is forced to flee and try to escape the country. Pursued by the State Secret Police as one of the most wanted men in Britain, and enduring devastating personal tragedy, he survives to discover the chilling truth about the barbarity of Pelham’s administration. But there is hope, and Harry finds himself at the epicentre of a new and covert war against the nation’s brutal leadership, the voice of the underground resistance.

Harry’s personal hell reflects the rapid descent of a nation into brutal oppression, tyranny and genocide on a scale never before seen in Britain. As the country descends into anarchy, riven by sectarian strife, the corridors of power are riddled with deceit and corruption but Pelham is prepared to destroy all opposition with an iron fist. In the age of social media, however, the propaganda war is an influential tool. With world opinion turning against Britain’s dictatorial leaders, Pelham’s grip on power is slipping, and Deputy P.M. Giles Chamberlain sees an opportunity to manipulate the crisis to satisfy his political ambitions. The second book in the series takes the reader on a shocking, disturbing but ultimately compelling journey into a nation that has closed its borders and terrorized its citizens. The high octane thrills and portrayal of the horrors of a far right-wing regime out of control is unnerving in its intensity, more so because of its parallels with history, which has taught us that man never learns from past mistakes.

The Dictator of Britain: Book Three: The End of Days

Harry Clarke is the iconic symbol of resistance against the brutal regime of extreme right-wing Prime Minister Lawrence Pelham. Imprisoned and put on trial for his life by a military court, Harry fears that he will not live to see his son again.

In the corridors of power, Pelham’s dictatorship, propped up by a ruthless Secret Police and paramilitary forces, is decaying from within. Exposed to cyber attacks and covert dissent, the foundations of his power are being eaten away.

As Pelham’s regime threatens to collapse, the United Nations seize on an opportunity designed to remove him from power, uncovering terrible atrocities. Pelham, moves strategically, using Harry as an unwitting pawn in a lethal game of political chess with the UN. Forced into a last stand, and fighting a battle from within his own party, Pelham threatens the unthinkable. A desperate race against time ensues as the battle for supremacy is extended beyond Britain’s shores.

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